How to Get Password of SQL Server: Explained Here!

08 Mar

How to Get Password of SQL Server?

“How to get password of SQL Server”-This query can be asked for an answer under two situations:

1)      When the user is unable to recall the password he applied on MDF file to protect it from unauthorized usage.  Say you work with two SQL accounts and did not worked with the one for a long time. When you tried to login to that account, you cannot remember the password protection code you applied on MDF files.

2)      When you have an MDF file of other user and for some positive reasons, you want to protect it with password.  Say an employee of the organization resigned a month ago.  His MDF file is being given to acquire information regarding the project that he was holding. Since the information is confidential, you want to protect it with password.download2

Recover SQL Server SA Password and You’ll Have No More Worries!

No matter what the situation is, our SQL Password Recovery software is available with reliable help. Developed to unlock MDF file of SQL Server, the software offers an additional facility to the users that enable them to lock a MDF file for security purposes. The software works around both the situations where the query how to get password of SQL Server is being asked. Simplified in usage, the software retrieve password of SQL user and offers a dependable platform to get rid of SQL Server account login issues. SQL users can easily recover SQL Server SA password without any restriction of password protection.

Reset SQL Server Password 2008 Will Make You Feel Better

When you select a MDF file with the help of “Browse” option, the software will provide its username and define password as UNKNOWN if it is encrypted and if there is no password applied to the file, EMPTY will be listed in the password section for respective user name. Our software illustrates how to get password of SQL Server and how to reset SQL Server password 2008 by helping users to reset password if it is UNKNOWN and set a password for SQL file if it is EMPTY as per user requirement. Extract SQL Server User Password that efficiently recovers the existing password and reset it with new password.

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